Private & Corporate Event Planning

Anniversary Parties, Conferences, Social Event Planning in the Vail Valley

Corporate Events

Whether you are planning a corporate event, luncheon or dinner or celebrating the retirement of a valued colleague, your event needs to be a success. Planning such an important party could be not only very time consuming but also requires good set of organizational skills as wells as a good touch of creativity. 

Let me create an event that will impress your company’s clients and your business associates. You want to make a lasting impression on your guests!  


Private & Social Events

From sourcing inspirational venues to conjuring exquisite entertainment, the team of Glitter & Bliss does not only help to plan the world’s best parties – we are known to create unforgettable memories.

From Birthday and Bachelor Parties, Bar Mitzvahs to Baby showers, Engagement and Graduation Parties, we bring luxury and fun experience to the most high-profile guests. Our professional reputation has also given us priority access to the most sought-after venues in town.

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